Anactoria (Tamlyn Magee, NSW) is a songwriter not afraid to dream big. Taking the harp way beyond it’s traditional sound and into a richly layered territory of alt-folk/art-pop, she sets the scene for a vocal performance that draws on an instinctive flair for performance and an acute perceptiveness into the more subtle aspects of being human.

Following the release of her debut EP Twentythree in May 2018, Anactoria was awarded a Creative Development Fellowship through CreateNSW which sees her temporarily based in Melbourne to develop work for an upcoming album. As part of the Fellowship she is working with a variety of songwriting, performance and production mentors, including Melbourne’s Georgia Fields.

We can expect to see Anactoria releasing some exciting new work in the first half of 2019, with the full album and tour to follow in the summer of 2019/2020.

...Anactoria is a fierce, yet gentle force... In my ten years of touring the country, I have not seen or heard anything like the unique magic she possesses. She crafts and presents her material as if channeling a beautiful and ethereal force.
— Candice McLeod