Anactoria is the alter-ego of self-taught harpist, vocalist and songwriter Tamlyn Magee. Tamlyn is based in rural NSW, in the musically exceptional small town of Candelo. Anactoria roams the cosmos.

The music is, despite best efforts to bring an earthiness; a dirtiness; still described as etherial, sometimes even angelic, even though the whole point of replacing the 23-string Celtic with a 34-string electric harp + distortion pedal was to dispel the harp/angel connotation. 

But either way, the writing is intrinsically unique, taking heart from artists such as Joanna Newsom, Jesca Hoop, Martha Wainwright, Cat Power, Jeff Buckley and Feist, and taking courage from author Clarissa Pinkola Estes and her work on the recovery of the soulful creative life. 

...Anactoria is a fierce, yet gentle force... In my ten years of touring the country, I have not seen or heard anything like the unique magic she possesses. She crafts and presents her material as if channeling a beautiful and ethereal force.
— Candice McLeod